Multi-purpose sports field

A sports field like no other!

Are you a sports fan? Hotel Le Balze has just opened the perfect place for you! Discover our brand new multi-purpose sports field, where every day is a new challenge.

In the new multi-purpose sports field you can practice:

  • Soccer: test your soccer skills while breathing in the fresh air of Garda Trentino. Each goal will have a special flavor.
  • Basketball: throw, dribble and score with a panoramic view of Lake Garda that will leave you breathless.
  • Volleyball: serving, receiving and dunking at 700 meters high. A unique experience to try.

That’s not all: access to the camp is reserved and completely free for all guests of Hotel Le Balze!

Aerial view mountain landscape with lake in Italy.
Young people playing soccer on tennis court.
Tennis player serves on clay court.
Young people playing miniature golf outdoors.
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